Practice safety with these 4 tips hunting in the woods this fall.

By Nathan Unger

Twitter: @Bulldawgoutdoor
Instagram: @Bulldawgoutdoors

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Each year during hunting season several factors come into play that may or may not have anything to do directly with hunting. Here are a few ways to stay safe. While some may be common sense others may not be so obvious. However, it’s always good to reiterate safety habits each year.

1. Practice tree stand safety

First and foremost, if you are using a tree stand always wear a safety harness. According to the Tree Stand Safety Awareness campaign the leading cause of accidents associated with tree stands is losing one’s balance. This is avoidable if wearing a harness. It’s better to wear a harness to prevent permanent injury or even death. See the infographic below for other causes.

2. Eliminate pesky bugs and insects

Each year stories surface of hunters, loggers, or forestry workers contracting diseases from mosquitoes, ticks or some other form of bug. Unfortunately, these stories are becoming more prevalent. How can you prevent this? Well, there are a couple of ways. First, and the obvious, is with bug spray. If you’re a hunter you might be concerned with giving off too much unnecessary scent. There are several insect repellants sold in stores that are scentless or scent free. Another good option to repel bugs is a Thermacell. A Thermacell unit will deter mosquitoes and provide up to a 15-foot zone of repellant.

3. Make gun safety a habit

Too often bad stories roll across the screen of the computer or television about another shooting accident that occurred. I do mean accident. A majority of the accidents could have been avoided. Maybe a handgun wasn’t locked up in a safe or a rifle was left loaded. Maybe two quail hunters crossed up and one shot the other. The list goes on and on. It is pertinent that one practice gun safety and teach gun safety so that it becomes habit. SafeShoot aims to decrease these accidents. SafeShoot attaches to your hunting weapon of choice and prevents accidents and even death from occurring.


4. Get plenty of sleep

This is especially necessary when hunters spend several days in a row in the woods. Some hunters even spend several weeks hunting. Get plenty of sleep in order to stay safe while driving, entering and exiting your stand site. It’s not worth falling out of a tree or getting into an accident while traveling due to a lack of sleep. Several times hunters simply forget common sense practices because of sleep deprivation. For example, I recently read a story about a hunter who placed his thumb in the line of his crossbow string. The string broke his thumb, and caused discoloration and bruising. Thankfully, the thumb is still intact; however, this happens way too often. It’s not that the hunter was purposefully careless, but simply forgot to remove his thumb. These are the types of careless mistakes that could lead to greater mistakes with lack of sleep.

No matter your situation this fall, practice these tips. Not only will you do yourself a favor you will also ease the minds of your loved ones as well, not to mention you will still be able to hunt the remainder of the season.

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